How Over Exposure to Blue Light can Impair our Children's Mental Health (Virtual Learning)

Dec 15, 2020

Hey Parents,


Is your Child's Mental Health important? Read all the way through so that I can give you 4 ways to keep you and your child sane through the course of the virtual schooling pandemic.


We now have heard it a million times. "In our New Norm"; "Under our current circumstances"; "Well with the current situation the world is in." Just in those few words it instantly reminds me of what research says that all of our youth are going through right now.


  • Heightened percentage of Anxiety throughout the School-Aged population


  • Increased Levels of Stress throughout Families


  • Lower levels of Success, Growth, and Focus in the virtual classrooms


  • And many more unfavorable factors and impact is occurring....


As a coach of 6-11-year-olds, I have seen the drastic negative impact on engagement, drive, energy, and will power. Our Sessions at the Rock Solid Kids Academy are held after classes and homework are usually done and these children oftentimes come in with no energy, no readiness for activity, and no motivation.


After the Sessions, the kiddos are awareness is always heightened, their emotions are leveled out and more positive than before, and they are better prepared mentally for the next school day.


It is proven that Screen time, Blue light exposure, and sedentariness have an immense impact on you and your child's mental health. 


Too much exposure to screens and blue light is the leading cause of:

  • Weight Gain


  • Eye Strain


  • Myopia


  • Depression


  • Anxiety


  • Suicide....


I am not saying that Screen usage is bad. Or should be banned. I am saying that Screen time needs to be managed and/or Limited for productive use and minimal recreational use.


But "In the times we are in" it is not possible to keep screen time under the recommended 1-2 hours a day. So here are 4 Specific things you can implement today that will positively impact you and your child's weight, stress, energy, and so much more.


  • Recreational time:
    • Getting active with your kid's allows their brains to be properly stimulated and Increases their Cognitive performance: Walks, Playgrounds, or Games outside


  • Family Meal/Dinner Preparation Time
    • Taking dinner time and making it a fun engaging activity with the family. here are 45 recipes that are Healthy, Simple, and only take 30 mins to prepare:


  • Involve them in at least 1 hour a day of Specific Activity
    • Whether it be sports, The Rock Solid Kid's Academy, or Karate, your child will benefit the most from structured, chaotic Physical activity


  • It always comes down to you, The coach or Parent
    • You must embody these characteristics if you ever want your child to follow suit. From experience, you know that force does not work. Incentivizing only works for a short period and can get expensive. So you participate in these activities with them and alongside them will set them up for lifelong success.


Thank you for taking the time to better your child's life, future, and mental health and helping me live out the RSK Mission. For more information and to get your first session/Consultation for FREE please visit

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