3 action steps to starting the growth, retention, and success of your fitness and performance business

Apr 27, 2021



I hope you are doing well. 


I am Brian Munday and I am the Founder and Director of the Rock Solid Kids Academy located in Frederick, MD.


As you know, March of 2020 crushed our fitness industry and so many other small businesses.


I am excited to be writing this for you. I am going to tell you how my business went from only serving 5 kids a week to now serving over 50+ In less than a year and through a pandemic.


In March of 2020, the world was shut down and for most of us, that means that our businesses were shut down and not able to operate at any capacity. For me, and probably you too, I wanted to give up and let the storm win in this situation.


When I was able to reconnect my purpose, my WHY, and my mission in this life, I was able to turn around everything.


It started with a meeting with the founder (and one of my close friends) of Player’s Fitness and Performance. PFP is where RSK (Rock Solid Kids) originated and operates. Andrew Simpson has been guiding me through this journey as a business owner and a leader to others.


In this meeting we talked about exactly that, reconnecting with my purpose, my WHY, and my mission and it ultimately came down to Andrew and I refining an email to send to my now mentor and Dear friend, Brett Klika. 


My initial meetings with Brett were exactly what I needed. We realigned me with my why, purpose, the things I value, and my mission in life.


If it wasn’t for my ability to GSD (Get stuff done) and Brett strategic planning and steps for me and my business’s success. We would still be in a very bad place.


See, all of us in the fitness industry want success, money, cool equipment, and a great reputation in the community, but we oftentimes don’t reconnect ourselves with Why we are doing what we do.


Always remember this: The Why is 100% of the time Bigger, Greater, and more important than the what and the how. Without a Why you are just like everyone else in this industry.


Let me give you 3 action steps to starting the growth, retention, and success of your fitness and performance business.

  • Connect with your Why Often. I look and read mine every day because that is what fuels me to be the best for the people around me and the guests that I serve. Here's the example you can work off of for writing your WHY down:


  • Why do I do what I do?


  • When I was younger, I had the opportunity to be raised by a man who was ultimately the epitome of selflessness. Through being my coach and mentor as a youth my dad showed me how to care for others deeply while still being respected. He did acts of service for kids on my football team every single day. I want to be able to give every child in the world a mentor that properly coaches them, understands their development, and knows how to guide them in the development of confidence, a love for sports and physical activity, and how to be the best leader they can be in everyday life.


  • Be Strategic with your planning and time:


  • We all have 24 hrs in a day. We all fall victim to the endless amount of time swiping through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. The biggest factor that changed the way I spent my time was coming up with a weekly calendar that not only had my scheduled classes on there, but also an incredible too I learned from Brett. The 5 C’s. Content, Connection, Cashflow, Calm, and Conditioning. I stay disciplined with this schedule. Yes, things pop up during the day that may be more important than the flow you are moving through, but when you have it scheduled out you know what you’re doing and when every day.


  • Setting and revisiting Goals every week:


  • We all set goals that are financial, how many trips we want to go on this year, how many clients we want to have in our doors, or what new car we want to buy. I fell short in this category. I would often set a goal for the month or quarter and never revisit it until my quarterly meetings with the team. If you want you and your business to be successful you must set goals and constantly strategically plan how you are going to get there.


  • An example of this is figuring out and tracking how many individual guests do you need to add to your program to reach X dollars this month.


And here is my bonus Action step for you:




Someone that is going to challenge you, connect with you, hold you accountable, and guide you through this journey. This was the #1 thing I have done for my business and my personal life.


We all need a mentor. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable, work with you on your personal and professional life weekly, and help you crush your goals. 


Email me: [email protected]

Serving you,


Coach Brian (a.k.a B Sizzle)


The Rock Solid Kids Academy


Youth Physical Literacy Specialist













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